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Imwheel makes the wheel of your Intellimouse (and other wheel and stick mice) work in Linux/X11 to scroll windows up and down, or send keys to programs. It runs in the background as a daemon and requires little reconfiguration of the XWindows setup. 4 or more button mice and Alps Glidepad 'Taps' may also be used. imwheel includes a modified gpm for an alternate method of wheel input.


Recent releases

  •  10 Jun 2004 03:47

    Release Notes: All known bugs were fixe. The default action is now to resend mouse buttons instead of translating them to keys.

    •  31 Jan 2004 20:15

      Release Notes: The -b option was fixed. Window title grabbing was fixed.

      •  01 Aug 2001 09:09

        Release Notes: Updated for gcc3.0. Fixed configure dialog for XServer depth >16bits. Removed old Makefile.unix.

        •  31 Oct 2000 15:17

          Release Notes: Many bugfixes and additions were made. GPM version 1.19.3 has been patched for wheel-fifo functionality and for support of more mice.

          •  03 Apr 2000 09:02

            Release Notes: Upgrade to GPM 1.19.0, a fix for @Exclude, a new @Repeat command, a configure script for added portability, and a sensitivity option for marble users. DO NOT try to use the GPM repeater FIFO with XFree86 4.0 (it is broken in that respect); the ZAxis methods work fine instead.

            Recent comments

            10 Jun 2004 08:21 jcatki

            Re: What does this provide?

            This program extends the capability of the mouse wheel, and other extra buttons (which most apps still don't recognize, like the side buttons or a left/right wheel). It allows them to act the same as when it isn't running, or to change the behaviour completely when you configure it to do so. It also can change behaviour based on modifiers, which not all apps that recognize the wheel do. Mozilla does, yes, but things like xmms don't. So while you do have "basic" functionality in most X apps these days, you still don't get that extra bit of configuration that can increase your wheel usefulness many times more.

            10 Jun 2004 03:36 geminidomino

            What does this provide?
            How is using this daemon different in end result functionality than just setting the appropriate options in XF86CONFIG

            15 Jun 2000 04:12 tchin

            Install Guide
            For an easy to follow install guide go to

            13 Jun 2000 21:58 shatfield

            Imwheel root exploit bug found and being fixed
            Reading the imwheel site shows that there is an SUID root exploit bug in all current versions of the software. The author has placed a patch to fix the problem on the website.

            Good luck.

            10 Feb 2000 16:07 iwehrman

            the new version finally fixes all the bugs that happened with windowmaker... it's 100% reliable for me now. thanks a lot!


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