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imp3sh (interactive MP3 shell) is a flexible playlist manipulation shell and song player/streamer. It natively supports MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files/URLs with the Xaudio Asynchronous library for Linux, but can use external players to play any format. It has over 90 builtin commands, and many commonly-used shell features (such as job control, command history, tab completion, aliasing, and more).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2004 20:56

    Release Notes: This release fixes automake on gcc 3.X, has new scripts for working with rc.d and nautilus, decodes URIs, and has many bugfixes and minor enhancements.

    •  21 Jun 2002 21:30

      Release Notes: Changes include tab-completion for lists and list entries, 'mess' file-buffering and pattern-matching, filename globbing, user-defined commands for hotkeys, and more.

      •  12 Dec 2001 05:18

        Release Notes: A new command 'fileq' that lets you directly queue files or directories, mixer and seeking commands accept incremental values, all ASCII characters are read correctly, more emacs-like shortcuts, ability to specify a signal to kill an external player, a fix for a memory leak in buff.c, and other minor bugfixes.

        •  24 Oct 2001 16:41

          Release Notes: A fix for a segfault when using "addiX" commands with no arguments, and improved tty detection (you can run imp3sh in a shell pipeline).

          •  23 Oct 2001 16:44

            Release Notes: New features include unlimited, user-defined lists, a detached queue with more functions, a weighted "Learning" playmode, new event types and options, directable raw-audio output, named-pipe I/O with client/server utilities, a PHP Web interface, the ability to read ogg tags, and a DJ-mode. Terminal support was greatly improved. The new playlist-file structure saves all lists with options. The documentation was updated.

            Recent comments

            28 Feb 2003 21:15 lucasgonze

            fantastic. I am blown away.
            There is nothing like it.

            ...given that you have a large enough collection of MP3s to let a power tool like this show what it can do, and given that you're at home with a shell interface.


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