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15 Jun 2002 21:24 eacepayeakermaye

Re: Critical Dependencies
I decided on gdk_pixbuf from :

04 Feb 2002 04:04 learfox

Critical Dependencies

Imlib makes image loading incredibly easier for
both the user and developer of programs
that display images, however the installation
difficulties are extreme and many of Imlib's mandatory dependencies are on the edge of being abandoned or are never going to be completed.

A significant number of programs depend on
Imlib as of this writing, but many of Imlib's
own dependencies (such as the font library)
are not even compilable on UNIXes. To worsen
this stress, Imlib itself is not being maintained
enough to keep up with these issues. If one
of Imlib's dependencies is abandoned, Imlib
becomes completely useless.

I cannot stress it enough that Imlib really
needs better maintainance, along with more
sensitive and proficient management of its
numerous mandatory dependencies... or perhaps make
those dependencies optional instead of mandatory.

08 Mar 1999 04:49 shaman

Breaks under Solaris
Releases 1.9.3-1.9.4 have been broken under Solaris 7, the intl.h library is causing the problem.


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