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I'm Cross! is a script that installs cross-compiler toolchains that target Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X on a developer's Linux workstation. Additionally, it installs cross-compiled versions of various libraries, such as wxWidgets, GTK+, FLTK, Allegro, PCRE, libxml2, zlib, and pthreads-w32, as well as installer (setup.exe) creation tools. This provides an easy way to set up a Linux workstation to simultaneously build Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X executables from the same source tree, and then to create installer programs for those executables.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Mar 2009 12:47

    Release Notes: The inability to install Mac OS X tools/libraries on Linux hosts running gcc 4.3 has been fixed. The full range of IMCROSS tools/libraries should now be available from any Linux host running gcc 4.x.

    •  19 Feb 2009 08:39

      Release Notes: The inability to build the Mac OS X toolchain and libraries on 64-bit Linux platforms was fixed.

      •  17 Feb 2009 05:37

        Release Notes: Both PPC and Intel architectures on Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 are thought to be functional. XCode 3 is supported. gcc "darwin8" was upgraded to "darwin9". GTK+ is now supported (Intel 10.5 only). On both Mac OS X and Win32, bugs preventing builds on many platforms were fixed. wxWidgets and GTK+ versions were upgraded. By default, to speed installation, only tools and libraries being used natively are built for cross-platform development. The default installation location has been changed to the user's home directory (rather than system directories needing administrative permissions).

        •  05 Jun 2008 06:49

          Release Notes: Cross-compiled libraries for Allegro (targeted at Mac OS X), Qt 4 (Windows), SDL (Windows and Mac OS X), and libgsf (Windows) have been added. There is now a much greater degree of persistent customization of the installation available, including selection of libraries not installed and the locations of the installed tools and libraries. There is now a framework under which users can contribute their own favorite libraries to the project. There is a method for binary cloning of an IMCROSS installation to another computer. Various bugfixes have been made. A GIT repository is now available.

          •  11 May 2008 05:19

            Release Notes: The FLTK and wxWidgets cross-compiled toolkits are now available for Mac OS X. Creation of Mac OS X installers is now supported and demonstrated in the sample programs. The makefile for the sample programs has been greatly simplified to make it much easier to understand how to build executables and installers. The issue of lacking Objective-C support in Mac OS X has been resolved. There have been bugfixes.


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