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iMan is a man page viewer for Mac OS X. It provides a native Aqua interface as an alternative to the use of the man program via the Terminal. A variety of useful features have been implemented, including multiple viewing windows, viewing of man pages as well as any man-format file on disk, support for apropos and whatis database searches, as well as in-page search with regular expressions, browser-style history (forward and back within any window), user-customizable font styles, and support for links to man pages in several forms (man:groff(1), man://groff/1, and man://1/groff are all supported). The reusable framework core can be embedded in other applications to provide man page handling functionality.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2011 22:43

    Release Notes: This final 0.4 release is now a Universal Binary and automatically detects Fink manpages in /sw.

    •  17 Apr 2011 00:24

      Release Notes: iMan now attempts to read a default MANPATH from the system, meaning it will auto-detect things like git and TeXLive. Keyboard navigation has been improved. New windows match previous windows in size. The page database system has been rewritten and now can deal with symbolic links in the MANPATH. Minor bugs were fixed.

      •  14 Jun 2010 20:21

        Release Notes: iMan now caches rendered pages to disk, saving rendering time across application invocations. A slight hang on quit has been fixed. Page links now have a browser-style contextual menu. The Finder will recognize the extensions .n and .ntcl as man pages and send them to iMan. /usr/local/man has been added to the default manpath settings. Numerous other bugs were fixed, and additional user-interface polish applied.

        •  02 Jun 2010 21:51

          Release Notes: The interface has been substantially improved and overhauled. Support for UTF-8 encoded pages has been added. iMan now uses an internal database of man pages rather than asking man(1) for paths, yielding considerable speed improvements. Search functionality has been integrated into the main document window. There are numerous bugfixes.

          •  19 Dec 2009 03:32

            Release Notes: This release features updates and polish to the user interface, numerous bugfixes, and substantial improvements to the underlying engine.


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