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iMake is a platform independent make processor written entirely in Java for creating scalable enterprise solutions. Using iMake, developers can easily create and maintain libraries, executables, and object files from source files. iMake lets developers automate site and program maintenance using makefiles which describe how the files depend on each other and how to update a file when the files it depends on change. iMake is particularly useful for projects that have many files, since only those files that have changed are regenerated, achieving this by looking at the date and time that each dependant file before performing a operations. iMake features include platform independence, a make facility, macro processor, user inference and target definitions, multiple targets, conditional compilation, recursive expression evaluator, command-line definitions, extensible search path, includes, and other functionality found in professional make processors.


Recent releases

  •  06 Sep 2005 05:00

    Release Notes: The license was changed to the GPL.

    •  17 Aug 2000 03:37

      Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.

      Recent comments

      17 Aug 2000 00:40 mrq

      or, instead of this, you could use another somewhat similar program called "gnu make", which has the advantage of not costing $1500 US, and as an added feature you get all the meaningless corporate buzzword drivel removed.

      17 Aug 2000 00:13 ward

      name reuse
      I always hate it when a developer or company unwittingly (or wittingly) reuses an existing product name, thus creating confusion.

      imake is OLD, folks. At least do a websearch before naming a product.



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