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03 Apr 2006 00:40 thomaswp

ImageArchive is pretty much retired, but...
I have not looked at this for years, but still get the odd email. I thought that this was good:

%I just added 7 lines so that a directory in the %archive can be referenced in a link...

%I added these lines:
> if (strlen($_GET['pf']) > 1)
> {
> $parentFolder = stripslashes($_GET['pf']);
> $this->ARCHIVE_ROOT .= $parentFolder."/";
> $this->VIRTUAL_ROOT .= $parentFolder."/";
> $this->VIRTUAL_ARCHIVE_ROOT .= $parentFolder."/";
> }

%after the parentfolder clause that looks very similar.


18 Jun 2003 01:50 thomaswp

Processor speed vs Image size
Ironically I just bought a new digital camera, and the 4 Megapixel pictures are just too big for my P166 Mandrake 9.1 server to cope with without timing out. I am thinking that I will a property SERVER_PROCESSOR_SPEED_GHZ and use that to control a few settings and messages. Watch this space.


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