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IlohaMail is a lightweight, multilingual Webmail client that is easy to use and install. It runs on a stock build of PHP, and does not require databases (although database support is available) or the IMAP library (it is powered by a custom IMAP/POP3 library). It also includes basic PIM-like features, including a calendar/scheduler, a full fledged contacts manager, and a bookmarks manager.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Apr 2005 18:57

    Release Notes: This is primarily a security update to patch a number of XSS vulnerabilities.

    •  15 Apr 2005 23:10

      Release Notes: A number of XSS vulnerabilities have been patched, a filter to remove potentially malicious code from HTML messages has been added, configuration files have been renamed to prevent content exposure, and documentation has been updated.

      •  13 Apr 2005 23:10

        Release Notes: This release adds a number of improvements to the bookmarks manager and feed aggregator feature, including the ability to dynamically publish bookmarks as a JavaScript include (i.e. a blogroll), support for RSS 2.0 enclosures (podcasts), and the ability to republish aggregated feeds in a single Atom feed. This release also fixes POP3 access and adds support for POP3 over SSL. A lot of bugfixes, feature enhancements, and code refactorization are included.

        •  14 Mar 2005 19:43

          Release Notes: This is a bugfix release, with fixes in filtering, handling of empty folders, and some backend improvements. Changes have been made to the MySQL backend.

          •  09 Mar 2005 05:38

            Release Notes: This release fixes a number of minor bugs found in the filtering engine after the last release, and includes translation updates and several user-submitted patches.

            Recent comments

            09 Jan 2006 05:10 ashok118

            Re: Excellent webmail!


            This is an excellant webmail easy configurable. I have successfully configured for my pop3 server.

            But having small problem like the messages are not marked as read after viewing the message.

            Suggest me some clues or tips .

            Thanks in advance .


            12 Dec 2005 08:21 LordFalcon

            Great and simple
            It's a great soft and easy to install... took me like 30 seconds to get it up and running... Only ting I don't know how to do is remove the calendar link will need to look into that...

            09 Aug 2005 14:25 Jammer5

            Excellent package
            Simple to install and setup. Works really well. This is an excellent programme. I've tried out a few other webmail front ends to my IMAP server and Iloha is the best one I've seen.

            17 Nov 2004 01:31 sammol

            Clever Webmail
            I tried many webmail. Most of them have to download mail header of all my mails through imap and sort it by date and display the index. I have totally 5000 more e-mail in my Inbox, so the php of that kind of webmail timeout after 60s as too many mails have to be sort and index!

            But Ilohamail download the mail in imap sequence. So if I read the first page that have first 15 mails title. It just download first 15 mails header. Not all my 5000 mails. so it run much much more faster than other webmail in my case...and should be in your case also!

            10 Apr 2003 09:07 dizzentive

            Excellent webmail!
            Ilohamail is excellent!!! I've tried out several different scripts over the past few days and the only one that didn't kill my CPU and displayed odd banners (no names mentioned) was Ilohamail. It's lightning fast, and it does just what I want it to do, it lets me read my mail away from home. This is a sure recommendation for all admins that want to have webmail available for their users and do not wish to dedicate their entire CPU to script loading times.


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