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25 Jun 2002 07:16 urgrue

great ftp client! beats every other GUI ftp client hands-down, and that includes windows clients.
the free version is slightly lacking in comparison to the Pro version but nevertheless usable and slick, and still more feature-ful than any GUI client i can think of.

07 Feb 2000 14:45 zeank

As RMS would say: It's not free, sorry but so it's worthless ...
It's really a pitty

02 Jan 1999 18:43 coscorrosa

Awesome so far
Finally, a good GUI FTP Client for Linux. Once all the features are implemented (such as the queue, yipee!) this ftp client won't only put other linux GUI clients to shame, but any other GUI ftp client for any OS to shame. It really is that good. And it looks great!


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