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IDebug is an advanced debugging framework for Java. It provides the standard core debugging and specification constructs such as assertions, debug levels and categories, stack traces, and specialized exceptions. Debugging functionality can be fine-tuned to a per-thread and/or a per-class basis, debugging contexts can be stored and recovered from persistent store, and several aspects of the debugging run-time are configurable at the meta-level.

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Recent releases

  •  28 Dec 2001 09:22

    Release Notes: This version includes a textual BON specification of the system, updates Servlet Log Output to the Servlet 2.2 standard, adds support for auto-scrolling textarea as output arrives for Window Output, and cleans up the build process and unit test suite.

    •  20 Jun 2001 14:10

      Release Notes: The WindowOutput implementation of DebugOutput is now completely finished. In particular, clear and save functionality is included. Small tweaks have been made to the BON specification, in particular to the object creation chart. All bugs in Jass were figured out, and as a result, all IDebug source and Javadocs are now fully annotated with pre- and post-conditions, class invariants, and state-change indicators. All rigorous specification is automatically processed into test code.

      •  29 May 2001 11:38

        Release Notes: IDebug is implemented with the Jass tool so that specifications are automatically translated into test code; the package idebughc contains the High Confidence (HC) version of IDebug with all assertions still in the code, and the idebug package contains exactly the same code without the specification assertions. The full BON specification is included, a new abstract base class implementation for the DebugOutput interfacei for better encapsulation and decoupling, and integration of a new statistics framework (see the Statistic, Collect, and SimpleCollect classes). This version is not API compatible with previous versions of IDebug.

        •  06 Jul 2000 20:07

          Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.


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          Project Spotlight

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