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IdealMySQL is a PHP class that provides an interface for working with MySQL databases. It can connect to a database, execute queries on a database, check variable names for validity, and catch errors and email them to the administrator. All error messages are stored in a text file that can be easily edited, and the look and feel of the error output to the user is controlled by a style sheet.


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  •  15 Jun 2007 07:35

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    01 Sep 2007 19:23 calverstine

    not so friendly
    I'd tested your class, apparently and it's not so friendly in the sense that errors are always catched by exception; but not explained in detail what's the detail of the bug.

    Further more, if I were you, I would simplify the step of MYSQLquery method to returned things according to my record.

    Anyway, you can google through ez_sql for the guys' masterpiece, it's quite a friendly design as said that 1 command triggers' 2 actions - mysql_query + mysql_fetch...brabra.

    Hope you like my comment,


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