Comments for Icwri Monitor for IBM WebSphere MQ

14 Apr 2011 02:30 liurui

Many users report that there is a CLASSPATH problem on Windows. It is because of a small defect of the document. I added an extra space of the CLASSPATH. Now I have updated the document.

28 Sep 2010 11:35 liurui

The monitor in this release is very easy to use. Any WebSphere MQ user can install it in 5 minutes. Nothing is required to learn and change. You can also change the monitoring web page as you want with ease.

02 Aug 2010 02:04 man314159

I have mended a small bug in the manual to use Semi-colon(;) instead of colon(:) in the CLASSPATH for Windows users. Thanks Shen Shao Yong.


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