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icqmail is a simple daemon which allows you to send all your ICQ messages to an email address.


Recent releases

  •  15 Jan 2000 12:55

    Release Notes: This alpha version is first stop after converting code to C++; use of the MIME++ library to send emails in MIME format. Using this library opens door to whole new set of features, like attaching VCARD for contact entries sent to you, properly handling non-ASCII messages, and many others.

    •  12 Sep 1999 11:47

      Release Notes: Monitoring list of UID for connect, disconnect, status change, attempting to connect to the server and login only specified number of times specified in cfg before bailing out, aliases.cfg have optional 3rd column, specifying email address which will be used in Reply-To: field of all messages from this person, outgoing messages content could be specified via templates, scripting as well as numerous bug fixes and optimizations.

      •  06 Apr 1999 16:11

        Release Notes: GNU autoconf is used to build the program, user can set his ICQ mode as 'dnd', 'away', etc., re-connect to the server when connection is lost, optional daemon mode, optional logfile output, optional syslog output, ICQ message text could be optionally sent as subject of the message, handling of EmailExpress messages, handling of WebPager messages, handling Contacts messages, aliases and the number of supported/tested platforms has been increased.

        •  10 Mar 1999 16:12

          Release Notes: first stable version


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