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05 Jan 2006 20:27 chaoticthought

Re: For those who use X, text terminals, AND a mouse at the same time

> Cons:

> I only recommend this WM if you use the

> console alot because IceWM lacks desktop

> icons as well as a 'good' programs menu.

I am not aware of /any/ window manager that provides desktop icons. If you are thinking of GNOME and KDE--the desktop icons on those environments are provided by separate programs (Nautilus and kdesktop, respectively).

You can even use IceWM with GNOME and KDE if you want--see for more information.

05 Jan 2006 01:18 bmg300

For those who use X, text terminals, AND a mouse at the same time

IceWM supports everything I want as far as window management. Nothing more, nothing less. The toolbar includes network monitor and CPU monitor. The low memory useage is a plus.

Windows can be made fullscreen and they can be moved to virtual desktops. There are 7 levels of topmost states!


I only recommend this WM if you use the console alot because IceWM lacks desktop icons as well as a 'good' programs menu. The most useful feature is the toolbar buttons.

Other thoughts:

Put firefox, terminal and a few other programs on the toolbar and that's all you'll ever need. My programs menu is empty.

09 Jun 2005 04:49 jaromrax

bug in command line?

im using :0 and VNC managed wins by iceWM. I just cannt avoid loading the same preferences via icewm -n or icewm -c pref_file. I avoid it in .vnc/xstartup by copying preferences there and back.

Anyway, nice mng.



17 Oct 2002 16:35 Thulemanden

iceWM is Linux as I love it
IceWM is a great learning environment.

Crashproof, foolprof, proofproof.

It doesn't take long to learn how to customize it.
It's alle very straightforward.

One thing I need added is doc on issuing arguments to commands for features a step more advanced than merely starting a program

As example the arguments to refresh icewm (placed in an icon) & start certain programs by default on icewm start incl adding desktop shortcuts.

Once you are out of the KDE and Gnome environments, you will appreciate how easy it is to get variation in the looks by changing window managers and themes.

I foresee a program that acts like a calender, changing the theme each day for you.

19 May 2002 16:43 siegler2

Everything you need and nothing more

No matter how many WM I try out I keep coming back to this one. My favorite feature is the toolbar (aka panel). It has a clock, biff, xload, and network monitor, which I prefer over the gnome applet equivalents. Requires almost no configuration after installation. And it uses hardly any memory!

20 Jan 2002 18:16 thecivvie

Excellent, the basis for all WM's
Icewm should be the basis for all modern Window managers, it leaves the rest in it's wake. Keep up the good work.

02 Nov 2000 16:48 zerophobia

I love it =8)
My linuxbox is very happy with icewm, icewm is lighter than an icecream ;)

14 Jan 2000 23:46 jengo

I just installed it about 10 minutes ago. I can't figure out how I made by without it! It very fast! I used gnome for about 2 months. It was WAY to slow. So, I switched to KDE. It was better, but, NOT like this.

I _HIGHLY_ recommend it to any serious Linux users or power users.

12 Aug 1999 03:30 rampant

The best window manager I've tried
After trying out many of the other window manager's the ICE window manager was the easiest to figure out and setup. The size allows it to have high speeds which is useful to me on my old 486 computer. This is the best choice if you're looking for something on a slower system or for a beginner or even if you don't like bulky window managers. The newer versions have good features and the larger tarball of themes makes it interesting to use. I used this, then tried others then I came back to this. Give it a try. You'll be suprised!

16 May 1999 03:15 blankreg

Nice Ice Baby!
If you like KDE or Gnome but dont like bloat and slow performace then ICE is the way to go. It's small, fast and easy to configure even for a newbie. It looks good and feels great! It is my premier X desktop.


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