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IBM OpenDX, the successor to IBM Visualization Data Explorer, (known simply as DX) is a general-purpose software package for data visualization and analysis. It employs a data-flow driven client-server execution model and provides a graphical program editor that allows the user to create a visualization using a point and click interface. Applications can also be built on top of portions of the Data Explorer system, so that custom, turnkey applications can be easily developed using DX as the computational and rendering engine.


Recent releases

  •  30 Aug 2006 20:00

    Release Notes: This release fixes numerous bugs, including some with OpenGL rendering and fixed font sizes. It adds features for Java Explorer and a new algorithm for generating neighbors components with irregular cubic connections.

    •  20 Jan 2006 08:12

      Release Notes: Significant enhancements and updates were made to Java Explorer, which now supports a newcontrol panel layout. A large number of bugfixes were made, including new socket communication between the UI and server to remove deadlocks. Better window placement was achieved for multiple monitors using Xinerama.

      •  12 Nov 2003 18:45

        Release Notes: New code for native Windows Stereo Rendering was added. More code has been added to fixup the ExHostToFQDN for hosts with no reverse lookup. There are some fixes to compile on the IA64 platform. Bug #125 within the Module builder and some memory leaks have been fixed. seq2c has been added to correctly process net files into .h files for JavaDX. Loadable modules work correctly with AIX 4.2 and higher. A problem where adding an 'invalids' component did not work correctly has been fixed.

        •  08 Jul 2003 20:37

          Release Notes: This release contains bugfixes, code cleanup and restructuring to permit better support of multiple platforms from a common code base, and enhancements to the user interface. It is built with "libtool", which allows users to build shared libraries that can be used with other languages such as Python. Significant new contributions to the user interface include a tree display for the tools, an undo option within the Visual Programming Environment, automatic graph layout for networks, and the ability to move modules on the canvas with the keyboard cursor keys.

          •  29 May 2002 23:21

            Release Notes: This update is the accumulation of fixes and enhancements that have been added over the past year. There have been major updates to the HTML documentation, including a JavaScript-based search engine, new accelerator keymaps to better match Windows, MacOS, and KDE, a plethora of OpenGL enhancements, MacOS X specific code for memory routines, better handling of 'invalid components, increased command line script functionality, better ImageMagick support for ReadImage and WriteImage modules; and a lot of bugfixes.


            Project Spotlight


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            Project Spotlight

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