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i.Scribe is a cross platform email client, address book, and calendar. It is small, fast, and easy to install. It has multi-language support, and currently includes English, French, Chinese Traditional,Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Czech, Polish, Spanish, German, Russian, and Dutch translations. It is very expandable via a plugin interface, and uses its own HTML engine (and not IE when run on Windows). It supports POP3, [E]SMTP, MIME, IMAP4, and MAPI. An integrated contact database and calendar are included.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Feb 2008 07:33

    Release Notes: Many changes were made. A window layout error was fixed.

    •  01 Dec 2005 01:07

      Release Notes: Fixes a lot of issues with the IMAP(full) implementation. Fixes behaviour of the enter key in the Contact's email entry field. Fixes painting of multi-day events in the week view. Various crash fixes. Adds "DIGEST-MD5" auth method support to IMAP. Fixes 24hr selection in the calendar event window. Fixes printing month view calendars. Adds filtering based on group membership. Fixes the "CC" header not being sent. Fixes mail recipients having their default address overwrite the actual address. Adds support for minutes:seconds in the receive timeout field.

      •  27 Oct 2005 12:26

        Release Notes: This release featured HTML layout fixes and better support for broken CSS, fixes for crash bugs, and a fix for a problem with the preview not being blanked when all messages were deselected. An issue with using the context menu to paste into a contact's email address was fixed along with the To/Cc/Bcc combo on the mail window. The appearance of multi-day events was fixed and highlighting of the work week in the calendar was changed. The delete as spam button now selects the next message. The reply/forward templates were localized. TNEF attachment decoding was added.

        •  13 May 2005 11:43

          Release Notes: New charset options were added for sending and receiving for better interoperability. More of the user interface is now sensitive to font size. More of the user interface can be translated. A popup list of matching contacts was added to the recipient entry box as you type. The "PLAIN" auth type and support for international folder names were added to the IMAP implementation. A crash in the font sub-system which occurred when more than 255 fonts are installed was fixed. Many additions were made to the HTML control (including new CSS property support). Many other optimizations and bugfixes were made.

          •  18 Nov 2004 10:18

            Release Notes: HTML rendering fixes, memory leak fixes, and fixed multi-page PostScript output (for printing). The POP support was made more robust and is now better at reporting errors. The translations were updated, the mail folder size limit was increased from 2GB to 4GB, navigation in the calendar event's date popup was fixed, and decoding of uuencoded email was fixed.


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