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i18nHTML is a collection of scripts that can be used to write Web pages that visitors can translate into their respective native languages. It uses a database to match sentences from the Web page against translations and defines a set of PHP functions that generate either the translated HTML sentences or the original (typically English) text with decorations that allow users to provide translations. It requires that internationalized pages be written using the functions but does not constrain the page design in any way. Internationalized pages can be updated without losing existing translations for sentences that were not changed.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Sep 2007 21:19

    Release Notes: This release adds various minor enhancements to the user interface (for both translators and administrators).

    •  07 Jan 2007 03:38

      Release Notes: This release adds user accounts and an administrative interface to i18nHTML. The administrative interface features pages with heuristics for finding and deleting invalid translations. New target languages for translations must now be explicitly created by the system administrator first. Files are now installed in more appropriate locations. The installation system has been completely re-done.

      •  25 May 2005 15:11

        Release Notes: This release adds support for PHP installations where magic quotes are enabled. It is now possible to add a prefix to the names of the SQL tables used by i18nHTML. Some additional translations were added.

        •  11 Apr 2005 07:53

          Release Notes: The code was cleaned up. A few additional convenience functions (TH, TD) were added. Problems with voting for translations and with escaping quotes were fixed. The format of the database changed slightly. Additional initial translations for boostrapping the Web page were included. Existing i18nHTML Web pages should work with the new release without changes to the code.

          •  04 Apr 2005 08:20

            Release Notes: This release fixed various problems with character set encodings. The new code also validates that placeholders in translations match the placeholders in the original sentence. Updating requires conversion of the old translations to UTF8 - a script to help with this was included. An updated set of translations for seed the database with is also included.


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