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Hypertable is a high performance, scalable database modeled after Google's Bigtable. It is designed to manage the storage and processing of information on a large cluster of commodity servers, providing resilience to machine and component failures.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 May 2014 16:04

    Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs and removes bad asserts. It should be the last release in the 0.9.7 series.

    •  17 Mar 2014 22:40

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in RangeServer log replay. It has been upgraded to CDH4.6. The QFS broker has been fixed. SO_KEEPALIVE is set on TCP sockets. There are other bugfixes.

      •  17 Feb 2014 20:07

        Release Notes: Upgraded to the C++11 compiler. Adds a NO_CACHE option to the SELECT statement. Fixes an insert performance problem. Fixes deb and RPM package installation. Other bugfixes.

        •  10 Jan 2014 18:44

          Release Notes: A better merging compaction algorithm. The QFS broker has been fixed. A missing jar file for the CDH4 broker has been added. There are some bugfixes.

          •  29 Oct 2013 19:58

            Release Notes: This release fixes a ThriftBroker crash on bad object IDs, fixes monitoring UI table detail graphs, fixes a bug in FileBlockCache key computation for offsets >= 2^32, adds a do_not_cache member to ScanSpec, and adds stability improvements.


            Project Spotlight


            A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


            Project Spotlight

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            A TWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.