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HyperSQL is like the doxygen program with Javadoc added, but for SQL. It hypermaps SQL views, packages, procedures, and functions to HTML source code listings, and it shows all the code locations where these are used. You can use JavaDoc-style comments for documentation and even embed UnitTests with them.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Jul 2011 22:43

    Release Notes: This release contains some fixes to the Javadoc parser (case-sensitivity issue) and to make it work in Windows environments. The unit tests have some improvements as well, and the object type "TYPE" is supported now (JavaDoc: @type).

    •  12 Sep 2010 12:38

      Release Notes: A huge code reorganization (for better maintenance and reusability) took place with this release. Next to that, HTML files now get more "permanent" names so one can link to them directly (the same is true for "anchors" in those files). Moreover, code was prepared for Python v3 compatibility.

      •  29 Aug 2010 10:44

        Release Notes: The logging facility has been enhanced: it now supports automatic log file rotation (based on size), as well as capturing unhandled Python-warnings to be handled according to the configured log level (the latter only with Python 2.7 or above). Furthermore, the JavaDoc parser has been rewritten using RegExps, so now all tags should be able to span multiple lines. A minor fix was applied to the line numbers in code links, which always were pointing to the last line before the object.

        •  22 Aug 2010 11:55

          Release Notes: The major new feature of this version is the support for embedded UnitTests: using the @testcase tag, you now can embed test cases with your JavaDoc style documentation. HyperSQL exports them to XML, so third party tools can create UnitTest scripts in the language of your choice. A sample script is provided. Another minor feature addition is the size details added to forms pages.

          •  08 Aug 2010 09:53

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bunch of bugs as well as introducing new features. The bugs fixed caused crashes on different occasions. Additionally, source code links for forms pointed to nonexistent code lines, and form files have accidentally been included in some stats. New features include Todos/Bugs being collected from forms (and optional inclusion with the corresponding stats) and basic javadoc verification for Oracle Forms program units. The file_size_limit for forms now is bound to the PL/SQL code size instead of file size.


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