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Hypermail 2 is a much enhanced version of the popular tool that converts mails into nicely formatted HTML pages. Version 2 has a lot of new features including MIME support. Perfect for archiving mailing lists and similar.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Jun 2004 03:06

    Release Notes: XHTML compatibility was added. WAI enhancements were made. As a result, the sethr and usetable config options are obsolete. New text has been added which hasn't been translated to all languages. Languages other than French, German, and Portugese will have some English text until someone does the translations. An "increment = -1" mode was added to enable automatic determination of whether to update or append. The default for spamprotect and spamprotect_id was changed to On. Email addresses are encoded in the text body of messages, in addition to using the _at_ encoding for the headers. Italian and Portugese support were added.

    •  27 Feb 2003 23:01

      Release Notes: Possible temp file race conditions were fixed in msg2archive.c and mbox2hypermail.c. A possible buffer overflow with uuencoded attachments filenames on systems with MAXPATHLEN or PATH_MAX less than 1024 was fixed. Conversion of file:// into href was disabled; it allowed anyone with localhost Web server access to read any file readable by the Web server. Buffer overflow checks were added where code security was unclear. Decoding of non-ascii headers was fixed, as was the append option (it was discarding some lines). Random core dumps with the files_by_thread option were fixed, and compile problems on SunOS and 64-bit Alpha were also fixed.

      •  25 Jan 2003 06:21

        Release Notes: This version fixes a buffer overflow with the rarely used option progress = 2 (triggered by long attachment names), and some other buffer overflows, disables the "mail" program by default, adds Norwegian and Russian language support, adds better spam protection option (antispamdomain), fixes a segfault with headers encoded as quoted printable, fixes an expires option to work in incremental mode, and adds delete_older and delete_newer options to limit archive by date.

        •  02 Aug 2002 06:14

          Release Notes: This version fixes a bug that caused some links to replies/next in thread to be missing, segfaults in incremental mode with linkquotes and delete options, an endless loop that save_alts option often produced, and some missing links to multipart attachments with save_alts option. It adds an option to obfuscate message IDs so that spammers don't treat them as addresses, Greek language support, and a meta date tag.

          •  21 Dec 2001 20:31

            Release Notes: Attachment filenames ending in .shtml get changed to .html to prevent some possible server side include security problems. Security warnings have been added to the installation docs. now supports attachments. Locale support and Polish language support have been added. Handling of messages with the MIME boundary missing has been fixed. The HTML has been changed to conform to strict HTML 4.01. The default for the overwrite option has been changed to off. It can now handle incremental updates with multiple messages.


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