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httppp is a network passive probe to monitor HTTP response times in a non-intrusive way. It uses libpcap and libqpcap.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Oct 2012 23:14

    Release Notes: Major performance enhancements were made. Many linear or quadratic complexity algorithms were switched to constant or logarithmic, resulting in an improvement of more than 10 times when handling 100+ MB capture files. Complex regexp matching now uses as many CPU cores as available instead of only one, resulting in far faster file loading on modern computers when using complex regexps (such as those with | or [] and ending with a $).

    •  29 Sep 2012 15:19

      Release Notes: This release enhances custom fields. It is now possible to match binary content (binary bytes are pretended to be spaces), and regex matching is now done in a separate thread for better performance.

      •  16 Jun 2012 11:05

        Release Notes: This release fixes a severe bug which caused a crash when an empty (e.g., acknowledge) packet came too early in the capture file. It adds some GUI enhancements (packets and hits counters) and enhanced performance on multi-core computers.

        •  28 May 2012 09:29

          Release Notes: This release adds GUI enhancements, introducing sliders between views, fixing some column names, and using a better-looking theme.


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