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HTTP Replicator

HTTP Replicator is a general purpose caching proxy server. It reduces bandwidth by merging concurrent downloads and building a local "replicated" file hierarchy, similar to wget -r. The cache is also accessible through a Web interface.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Jan 2008 10:07

    Release Notes: This release includes the GPL license file, clearing the way for packaging initiatives on Linux distributions and other operating systems. Other minor fixes were made.

    •  01 Jan 2008 15:09

      Release Notes: This version was rewritten from scratch. This version breaks with Python's built-in asyncore framework and replaces it with a much more flexible scheduler based on Python generators. To the user, the new flexibility shows in a long list of new features, such as server-side download resuming, FTP support, bandwidth shaping, and IPv6 support. Known issues have been solved, such as the frozen download problem and the race condition that prevented joining of simultaneously started downloads. Most of the old functionality is unchanged, except for cache browsing.

      •  29 Nov 2004 14:09

        Release Notes: This release adds some great new features like cache browsing and client-side range support. A major redesign in code gives slightly faster operation under reduced load.

        •  15 Aug 2004 19:22

          Release Notes: A lot of internal changes; for instance, the daemon code is integrated and the init script is now a standard bash script. There are also some new options, like support for an external proxy server.

          •  01 May 2004 20:56

            Release Notes: The most important enhancement is support for HTTP/1.1. The old version converted all requests back to 1.0, but with support for chunked transfer this is no longer necessary. The primary goal of caching Debian packages was extended towards maintaining a Gentoo package cache with the creation of a new "flat" and "static" mode. A major bug that prevented replicator from visiting half the Internet is finally fixed, which makes replicator capable of replacing a Web browser cache.


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