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htrosbif is a tool that actively probes an HTTP server. It prods the Web server in all sorts of old, new, basic, fancy, spec-compliant, and spec-breaking ways. It tries to characterize both the well-spoken educated responses and the seriously deviant babble it receives in return. Signatures contain no user data, only header names and HTTP-level quirks. As a useful side effect, this might detect reverse proxies, HTTP load balancers, intrusion prevention systems, and Web application firewalls.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Feb 2010 19:07

    Release Notes: This release has more signatures, more tests, and better matching of signatures. You can now match pre-captured signatures against the signature collection.

    •  09 Nov 2009 12:55

      Release Notes: This is the initial freshmeat announcement and public release.


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      Project Spotlight

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