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HTML.Template is a Java package that lets you use HTML Templates in your Java programs. Templates are simple HTML files with a few extra tags representing variables, branches, and loops. Your Java program provides the values for these variables. HTML.Template scores over other templating solutions in that there is no programming logic in your template, and your templates will work with Java, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, and Lisp.

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Recent releases

  •  09 Oct 2002 08:25

    Release Notes: A bug that caused TMPL_VARs inside TMPL_LOOPs to be case sensitive even if case_sensitive was set to false (which it is by default) was fixed.

    •  17 Sep 2002 20:38

      Release Notes: Support was added for die_on_bad_params and global_vars constructor parameters. The __COUNTER__ TMPL_LOOP context variable has been added. You can now set default values for TMPL_VARs through the template. A bug in tmpl_var, which failed if the parameter was not a string, has been fixed. TMPL_VAR and TMPL_LOOP now give a reasonable error message if the parameter is of the wrong type.

      •  21 Aug 2002 20:30

        Release Notes: This version now supports a hash table style constructor parameter, and allows booleans and integers as constructor parameters, in addition to Strings as before. The path parameter accepts a single string as well as an array of strings. setParam now accepts int, boolean, integer and boolean in addition to string. An interface for HTML.Template filters has been added. A bug that prevented templates passed as a file handle from working has been fixed, as well as one that prevented mixed-case filenames in include parameters.

        •  01 Jul 2002 08:37

          Release Notes: This release supports reading from file handle, no longer adds newline character to items passed in arrayref, and adds a escape=quote parameter for tmpl_vars (this may change in later versions). A bug that caused a NullPointerAssignment if closing tags were not in lowercase was fixed.

          •  02 Apr 2002 09:52

            Release Notes: A new Parser module was added. Support for debug, strict, case_sensitive, loop_context_vars, max_includes, no_includes, path, search_path_on_include, filename, scalarref, and arrayref constructor parameters was added. These can be set using the new multiparameter constructor. Tags can now be of mixed case. Support for comment style template tags, name=value style parameters (quoted and unquoted), and escape=(html|url|0) for TMPL_VAR was added.


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