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HTMLPerlSETI uses the SETI::Stats Perl module to gather statistics about the UNIX SETI@home client and formats them as an HTML table.

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Recent releases

  •  09 Sep 2002 05:58

    Release Notes: This release includes minor updates to make HTMLPerlSETI compatible with recent Berkeley Web page changes, namely the new "View Recently Completed Workunits" link.

    •  17 Jul 2002 04:50

      Release Notes: Due to changes on the Berkeley Web server, URLs have been updated to use new CGIs so that the credit, group, and rank tables will display. The method for parsing the data server status was updated to display correctly again.

      •  10 Jan 2002 22:51

        Release Notes: The most notable changes are dealing with the lack of email_addr in user_info.sah, changing the user stats cgi to the new user_stats_new cgi, re-orientation of the credit table data, and updates for SETI-Stats 1.06 (no more patches). There are also some new HTMLPerlSETI forums listed in the README.

        •  12 Jan 2001 23:39

          Release Notes: The divide by zero error (possible when progress is exactly zero) on the work unit estimated time to complete formula has been fixed. A variable typo ($numbsubcols to $numsubcols) in the subcolsize function has also been fixed. The timeout has been increased by 10 for getting Berkeley web pages. HTMLPerlSETI now only displays user stats (Credit, Group, and Rank) once for multiprocessor hosts (that are sorted). The argument parsing has been changed to be compatible with mod_perl. A printdebug function has been added. Some configuration data has been separated into an htmlperlseti.conf file and an htmlperlseti.hosts file, so upgrading is less cumbersome. SETI::Stats has been patched to version 1.05pl4 in order to work with bestscore data files with best scores of zero. Separate patch files have been included for version 1.05 and version 1.05pl3 of SETI::Stats.

          •  29 Jun 2000 04:06

            Release Notes: A new 3D progress bar, optional CSS/style settings to change fonts, optional table settings to change borders/cells, SETI@home data server status, sky map image link, estimated time remaining for work unit, and various cosmetic changes (mostly table tweakings).


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