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HTML::GenToc allows you to specify significant elements that will be hyperlinked to in a Table of Contents (ToC) for a given set of HTML documents. Also, it does not require said documents to be strict HTML; this makes it suitable for using with templates, included files, and meta-languages such as WML or PHP.


Recent releases

  •  13 Mar 2009 17:40

    Release Notes: A bug with outputting to string was fixed.

    •  05 Oct 2004 22:39

      Release Notes: This release adds an --ol_num_levels option to enable table of contents generation with OL lists for more than just the top level, fixes a number of bugs, cleans the documentation and code, removes ExtUtils::configPL, adds Getopt::ArgvFile, and changes to using Module::Build installation.

      •  15 Aug 2003 02:29

        Release Notes: The HTML::GenToc module is more useful for calling from other Perl modules or scripts with the addition of 'to_string' and 'in_string' options, which enable returning the results as a string and accepting input from a string (respectively), rather than restricting all input and output to be file-driven.

        •  09 Dec 2002 11:31

          Release Notes: With this version, the module is no longer dependent on the AppConfig module. All methods can now take the standard arguments-as-a-hash as well as the old original reference-to-an-array. Now the hypertoc script is part of the distribution instead of having to be downloaded and installed separately.

          •  17 Nov 2002 08:48

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which would produce rubbish in the TOC, as well as a bug related to inline TOCs.


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