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html2ps is a PHP equivalent of the popular Perl script by the same name that accurately converts HTML with images, complex tables (including rowspan/colspan), layers/divs, and CSS styles to Postscript and PDF. Unlike most other HTML2PS/HTML2PDF converters, it offers good CSS 2.1 support and is very tolerant to non-valid HTML. It can convert even CSS-intense sites like and

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Recent releases

  •  13 Apr 2008 00:33

    Release Notes: Space could be added after some non-whitespace symbols immediately followed by inline boxes. Under certain circumstances, custom characters were ignored in CSS3 margin box content. Some temporary files were not removed when using the fpdf output method. All of these problems have been fixed.

    •  28 Mar 2008 20:28

      Release Notes: The number of custom characters is no longer limited to 256 symbols per file. Characters with AI, SA, SG, and XX line breaking classes no longer result in notice messages.

      •  21 Mar 2008 09:49

        Release Notes: An experimental CSS handling module was added.

        •  21 Mar 2008 09:49

          Release Notes: A large number of layout engine fixes and improvements were made.

          •  24 Dec 2006 18:55

            Release Notes: Several minor changes in tables / textarea rendering routines. Proxy support is out-of-the-box now (provided you have the curl extension installed).

            Recent comments

            03 Dec 2005 06:12 bkon

            POLL: light-weight layout engine?
            Greetings all html2ps/html2pdf users.

            All of you know that html2ps is rather resource-consuming at the moment. Of course, we're doing our best, but... I doubt that the wonder would happen and requirements would decrease more that by 5-10%. On the other side, some users do not need the whole range of CSS/HTML - just a simple text formatting / table layout engine.

            Thus, an idea of making an alternative light-weight simpler layout engine have appeared. It could support the most widely used subset of CSS/HTML suitable for most applications and used instead the default (current) engine using the API. We would like to know your opinion about this idea.

            Do you need the "lite" layout engine?

            Which formatting options you need in this case?

            Which CSS/HTML formatting options you use rarely (or do not use at all)?

            Thank you for your interest.

            You may vote and express your opinions at html2ps support forum:


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