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html2latex is a Perl script to convert HTML to LaTeX. It handles nested tables, lists, headers, pictures, URLs, and has the option to create a PDF as well.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Aug 2001 17:42

    Release Notes: Bugs concerning --font and --pdf were fixed. Some international characters that weren't correct are now. A new option --head allows options to be added in the \documentclass command.

    •  15 Sep 2000 04:24

      Release Notes: A fix for a testing problem which caused a failed install on some computers, and a tag type 'kill' which is used to remove anything inside <SCRIPT> tags.

      •  14 Sep 2000 04:38

        Release Notes: This release fixes problems with local PNGs, and adds support for special characters such as international characters (ie. umlats and accents), and quote characters.

        •  19 Aug 2000 04:24

          Release Notes: This version contains bugfixes for several bugs including the "^" bug, and problems with relative local IMG sources. New features include an option to use HTML-style paragraphs (no ident, 1 line paragraph spacing), command-line and config file options to ignore certain HTML tags and an option to change caching directories, altered behaviour of \[sub]section to \[sub]section*, and the configuration file is now in XML.

          •  24 Apr 2000 21:19

            Release Notes: Nested tables and IMG tags with URL sources now work correctly. An option to possibly improve table output was added.

            Recent comments

            04 Apr 2001 20:53 jeffcovey

            Re: Version 1.1

            > I've contacted him about it.

            Well, still no reply. I guess it will remain a mystery.

            28 Mar 2001 05:58 jeffcovey

            Re: Version 1.1

            > according to its changelog it is by the same person, Peter
            > Thatcher.

            I've contacted him about it.



            20 Mar 2001 12:44 ed_avis

            Version 1.1

            There is a version 1.1 of htm2latex floating
            around on the net (for example <a
            but the latest version mentioned on the
            SourceForge page is 1.0. This would be
            understandable if the '1.1' version were a fork by
            somebody else, but according to its changelog it
            is by the same person, Peter Thatcher.

            Does anyone know what is the official latest
            version of html2latex, who is maintaining it, and
            where to get it from?


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