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ht://Check is a link checker derived from ht://Dig. It can retrieve information through HTTP/1.1 and store it in a MySQL database so that after a "crawl", ht://Check can return broken links, anchors not found, content-types, and HTTP status codes summaries. ht://Check also performs accessibility checks in accordance with the principles of the University of Toronto's Open Accessibility Checks (OAC) project, allowing users to discover site-wide barriers like images without proper alternatives, missing titles, etc. A PHP interface lets the user query and view the results directly via the Web.

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Recent releases

  •  18 Sep 2009 15:05

    Release Notes: This release contains several changes to the underlying code that boost the performances and improve maintenance. MySQL version 5.1 is now supported. ht://Check's engine has been totally rewritten using the ANSI C++ standard library (strings, types, containers, etc.), and its internal HTML parser has been enhanced in order to improve performance.

    •  01 Jun 2004 16:03

      Release Notes: This version introduces important new features regarding Web accessibility. ht://Check is probably the first tool on the Web which makes it possible to perform site-wide accessibility checks, in accordance with the principles of the University of Toronto's Open Accessibility Checks (OAC) project ( At the moment, ht://Check accurately discovers accessibility barriers such as missing and improper ALT tags, wrong Hx nesting (e.g.: h2 without h1), missing document language identification, missing and empty document's TITLE, etc.

      •  13 Jan 2004 11:43

        Release Notes: New features include document type recognition (DOCTYPE) and storing, as well as META description and keywords of every HTML document. Sources have been strongly modified in order to be more robust and to support latest releases of the GNU autotools; this should also help make ht://Check more portable on POSIX architectures. Finally, some minor bugs have been fixed, especially regarding the HTTP crawler.

        •  28 Apr 2003 14:14

          Release Notes: New features include cookies preloading through an input file, storing of charsets, link descriptions (e.g.: how many links have a 'home' description for the link?), and tags inside a link (e.g.: how many button-like images do we have?). The PHP interface now automatically works when 'register_globals' is off (PHP version >= 4.1.0), and the layout is much lighter without most of the deprecated HTML tags.

          •  19 Sep 2002 19:51

            Release Notes: XSS security holes in the PHP interface have been fixed. There are major feature enhancements like content storing, HTTP Proxy authorization, and support for badly encoded URLs.


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