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HTB-tools Bandwidth Management Software is a suite of tools that help simplify the difficult process of bandwidth allocation, for both upload and download traffic, using the Linux kernel's HTB facility. It can generate and check configuration files. It also provides a real time traffic overview for each separate client.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Feb 2007 22:53

    Release Notes: This release fixes compilation on newer kernels for q_show.c. The documentation has been updated.

    •  15 Feb 2007 22:51

      Release Notes: Fixes to allow compilation for q_show.c with newer kernels. Updated documentation.

      •  10 Feb 2006 00:36

        Release Notes: Documentation updates and a patch for proper compilation on the AMD-64 architecture: netlink.c has been patched to use socklen_t addr_len instead of int addr_len for AMD-64.

        •  19 Jan 2006 12:41

          Release Notes: This version included wHTBgen, a Web-based configuration file generator, automated calculation of the burst on classes and clients, and a rewritten and debugged q_parser.c.

          •  25 Oct 2005 13:32

            Release Notes: sys/scripts/htb was modified to reduce the time needed to load the configuration files when many clients (over 1000) were present. gen_eth0 and gen_eth1 were added for those who want to manually generate the setup script.


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