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hsh is a command-line driven user interface to your system with a full-screen curses interface instead of the scrolling terminal style output of traditional shells. The main purpose of hsh compared to a traditional shell is to make job output easier to work with. Each job's output is viewed and manipulated independently. This means, among other things, that you can incrementally create pipelines, and that a rampant process can't trash all the output of your session. Its syntax is designed for human use, not a programming language. It has a dynamic configurable interface, making useful information accessible.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Dec 2010 18:54

    Release Notes: This release has regexp highlighting and search functionality. It also includes many bugfixes and improvements to existing features, including the ability to rerun existing jobs with new parameters.

    •  07 Sep 2010 01:29

      Release Notes: This version provides a more usable default view that shows the output of many jobs, making the transition from a traditional shell easier. Several noticeable bugfixes are also included.

      •  09 Jun 2010 09:03

        Release Notes: This version provides proper job control facilities and greatly improved support for full-screen terminal programs. Additionally, it improves the display of job output, making it more legible and navigable, as well as providing access to the environment and a mechanism for defining aliases.


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