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HOTP Toolkit

The HOTP Toolkit package contains tools that are useful when deploying the one-time password HOTP technology. It contains a shared library, a command-line tool to generate and validate one-time passwords, and a PAM module (pam_hotp) to make system login or SSH use HOTP one-time passwords for authentication.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Dec 2010 23:35

    Release Notes: In libhotp, the usersfile logic for '-' passwords now works. A build failure due to a missing sys/stat.h include on FreeBSD 7.2 was fixed. A PDF format GTK-DOC manual was included. Gnulib files were updated. The project is in the process of being renamed to OATH Toolkit in order to make room for OATH TOTP/OCRA in addition to OATH HOTP.


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