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HistView takes an ASCII changelog as input and outputs a formatted HTML page, optionally containing links to download releases. With the included Download Class, you can create download statistics (if you have a MySQL database), and even exclude unwanted bots and crawlers from these statistics or completely prevent them from downloading your files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Oct 2009 19:31

    Release Notes: This release again adds some more useful features, such as the ability to map filenames to program names for the download class or define limits for downloads. Some more changes make it more convenient to use.

    •  24 Aug 2009 06:37

      Release Notes: Some updates were done to the download class. For example, a referer check was added with options for noRefererAction (empty referer) including "pass", "deny", and "whois" (which checks for crawlers and bot nets). A remote network check was also added. Some MS crawlers fake their UAs, but since they always leave the referer empty, the network checks can be limited to those. Use the histview_crawlernets file to specify their network information (one spec per line, all lowercase). These will be checked against the whois information for 'netname', 'OrgName', 'OrgNOCName', and 'descr'.

      •  01 Jan 2009 17:45

        Release Notes: This version brings some major improvements, making the Download Class much more powerful: it now can ignore or reject bots and crawlers, it no longer "stops" on failed database activities (download counter update), and you even can completely disable these statistic functions. Moreover, all the classes now use a central central configuration to make their use easier.

        •  08 May 2008 14:23

          Release Notes: Another short documentation file (doc/stats.txt) was added to get you started with download statistics if you want them. Furthermore, the API reference for the download class added, as well as CSS classes for the change details. So, for example, bugfixes are displayed red and feature additions are green. This lets important things be kind of highlighted.

          •  17 Aug 2007 12:32

            Release Notes: The download class and some more minor things were added and integrated.


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