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Himerge is a GUI for emerge (Gentoo's Portage system) written in Haskell using gtk2hs. The main idea is to simplify browsing the entire portage tree, and allow running the most basic and common options from the emerge command. It also offers several handy tools, like global and local use flags browsers, inspired by UFED (the Gentoo Linux USE flags editor). It also uses eix (a small utility for searching ebuilds with indexing for fast results) as a back-end command to show package information in HTML/CSS format, so you can access a package's Web site for a quick glance.


Recent releases

  •  26 May 2009 12:48

    Release Notes: The package web panel was improved. A bug that showed an invalid pop-up error window sometimes when clicking on the package homepage Web link was fixed. The "Load File" option was added as a menu item and accelerator. This option allows you to load a previously saved Queue file back into an active Queue in the Control Panel. More concise way is used to check for printable characters to show in the text panels.

    •  26 Jan 2009 11:37

      Release Notes: The fix was improved to get the results of an exact and inexact search in the Web panel along with the package versions view selection.

      •  31 Dec 2008 14:07

        Release Notes: An important bug in the search box was fixed. Now all the packages of an inexact search will be correctly displayed in the Web panel.

        •  23 Dec 2008 22:07

          Release Notes: This release fixes an important bug in the USE flag browser. Incorrect entries in the package.use flag are just ignored (as portage does). All the available USE flags for a package are actually displayed from the USE flag package browser. A new option in the package version pop-up menu for adding USE flags to all the versions of a package at once has been added. Now himerge will stop all the processes generated by a main process from each of the process window when using the stop button.

          •  28 Oct 2008 04:38

            Release Notes: This release fixes an important bug in the packages branch directory backup creation. Many different shortcut keys have been added to access most of the Himerge operations and work around the most important widgets (surfing the browser views, closing panel tabs, and jumping to the package search box). A single new module is included for easy shortcut keys configuration. The documentation has been updated to reflect the new keys functionality.


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