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HexInject is a hexadecimal and raw packet injector and sniffer. It can be easily combined with other tools to provide a powerful command line framework for raw network access. It will automatically set the correct checksum (IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP).

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21 Feb 2013 13:38 crossbower

HexInject has now reached version 1.5 (Feb 21 2013) and a few changes have been made. In particular the features have been redistributed between multiple tools, following the unix philosophy.

- hexinject remains the main sniffer and injector.
- prettypacket disassembles raw packets (received on its standard input) and print their field. It can also print example packets (useful if you want to know the structure of an header).
- hex2raw converts hexstring (the textual format used by hexinject) to raw data, and vice-versa. A basic xxd tool.
- packets.tcl is an experimental packet forger, written in TCL. It uses a simple packet representation format based on APD ( The output of the tool can be piped to hexinject raw inject mode.

With this new organization its easier to create powerful shell pipelines, including also external tools.


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