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Hero Wars

Hero Wars implements the core rules of Issaries Inc.'s RPG System. It supports the creation and storage of character sheets (including keywords) and has rudimentary support for networked play. It requires one person to be a narrator/game master and one or more players.


Recent releases

  •  25 Jul 2001 00:57

    Release Notes: Better support for wealth in keywords, a small License window shows on startup, ability to "Save as Text" or "Save as HTML" without the description, a delete button to edit dialog for Keywords and Keyword Groups, request confirmation of delete of items on the character sheet, and fixes for bugs in opening and saving files.

    •  11 Jul 2001 16:17

      Release Notes: Drag and drop support on the character sheet window was cleaned up. Truncation of results text in the contest window is now prevented. Results text when switching between contest types was fixed. The enabling/disabling of run/confirm/cancel/switch buttons was fixed. The enhancement types for follower and passion spirit were fixed. The "Send to Contest" action on character sheet ability was fixed. Some layout issues on Mac OS X were fixed. A shutdown-hook was added to ensure that the user is prompted to save open modified files. A problem with closing a modified hero sheet opened from a URL was fixed. When the bid or enhancement size are not acceptable, the "run contest" button is now disabled and the cursor is moved to the problematic field. Other enhancement contest bugs were fixed. Edit access to the actor and oppostion rating modifier fields in the contest window is now allowed. Onscreen character sheets now show Gloranthan icons rather than the default Swing icons. The display of the contest window in 800x600 was improved.

      •  02 Apr 2001 23:33

        Release Notes: This release fixes major enhancement bugs, improves display of the contest window in 800x600, saves open files at shutdown, and provides better feedback on user input errors.

        •  31 Mar 2001 23:40

          Release Notes: Fixes for problem with saving modified sheets when the users closes the window of an unsaved sheet, asking whether to copy feats when dragging and dropping from keyword to character, support for Virtues, a new ability type of Feat, and smaller contest messages by only sending booleans when set.

          •  29 Mar 2001 21:43

            Release Notes: New Mystic Strikes, a new facility to manage followers abilities, and reintroduction of default action text.


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