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HeroScribe produces typographic quality HeroQuest maps (with either European or US layout). The maps can be exported to EPS, PDF, or PNG files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Dec 2004 14:32

    Release Notes: JRE 1.5 can now be used to run HeroScribe. Multiple-board maps have been introduced. Quests can now be exported in PDF (via ghostscript).

    •  13 Sep 2004 02:51

      Release Notes: Any object can now have a default zorder: rooms are (by default) placed under everything, doors just above the rooms, and marks over everything. Quests can now be exported in PNG format (but the quality is much much lower than EPS).

      •  10 Sep 2004 18:02

        Release Notes: This release adds a GUI, written in Swing, so it'll look native on Mac OS X, Windows, and GTK 1. There are three new icons. The application has been rewritten in Java (the Python version has been and will be updated, though it'll lack the GUI). The XML schemas have been updated. There are various fixes.

        •  15 Aug 2004 19:14

          Release Notes: Quite a lot of icons have been added: every known "official'' HQ icon is in HeroScribe now. An unofficial Dwarf icon has been added. Every object has both European and American icons: this means that every quest can be rendered in any layout. The layout given in the quest file can be overridden by using the ``--force-region'' option. "List.html'' has been ravamped. Icons have been tailored to better please the eye. There are various fixes.

          •  25 Dec 2003 20:38

            Release Notes: This release fixes some visual glitches (most notably the out-of-border trap icons background bug in the American maps and some incorrectly aligned icons).


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