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The Helpdesk::Mail System is a Perl application intended to assist Helpdesks and Support Centers in organizing their email communication with their customers. Especially if there is one email address and several people who reply to those emails and answer questions, Helpdesk::Mail can come in handy. It is not just another webmail application; one can assign a "user-id" for an e-mail (e.g. an account number) to track how often one user asks for help. It also has an additional "Knowledge Base" feature: if your customers ask the same questions over and over again, you can save the answer in the Knowledge Base and prefill a reply with this answer by simply typing in some keywords and click on a link. There's also a public interface to the Knowledge Base.


Recent releases

  •  29 Apr 2001 20:06

    Release Notes: Deleted mails can now be undeleted and put back into the Inbox. This release has a fix in to suppress error messages when not using Apache::DBI, and small code cleanups.

    •  12 Mar 2001 23:10

      Release Notes: A new autoresponder and minor bugfixes.

      •  14 Feb 2001 23:24

        Release Notes: A simple templating mechanism for the Knowledge Base to make it easier to integrate the public Knowledge Base interface into existing corporate site designs, and support for different "From:" addresses of outgoing mails (useful if one helpdesk handles requests to multiple, unrelated domains).

        •  06 Feb 2001 21:10

          Release Notes: Mail sending method can be set in either to a local MTA like sendmail, qmail, postfix, etc., or to a remote mail server.

          •  01 Feb 2001 10:14

            Release Notes: This release splits the big main script into several parts, making it easier to read and maintain, and includes a new "Keep original in Inbox" option when answering mails, so they are not deleted from the Inbox.


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