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Heilan is a standalone OpenGL X3D browser designed for audio work. It features a low latency Ambisonic audio engine, allowing for full 3D sound with virtually any configuration of speakers. It also has full Open Sound Control support, allowing scenes to be manipulated in realtime.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Feb 2009 17:03

    Release Notes: Significant improvements to the Ambisonics implementation, including the ability to correctly rotate the sound field around multiple axes and a far more flexible decoder implementation. Other improvements include the ability to stream audio into Heilan via the new AudioInput node type, and the ability to output Open Sound Control messages.

    •  03 Mar 2008 11:50

      Release Notes: GLEW is now used so that OpenGL extension handling is a bit more robust. Some more documentation was added to the Web site.

      •  07 Jan 2008 13:17

        Release Notes: This version includes a Mac OS X port and support for big-endian machines. The implementation of Ambisonic soundfield rotation has been improved. The code is now licensed under version 3 of the GPL. Alpha-blending now works. 18 new X3D nodes have been implemented, and there are a number of bugfixes to improve the browser's conformance to the X3D specification.

        •  18 Apr 2007 13:33

          Release Notes: This release has the EXAMINE navigation type implemented correctly for the first time, and multitexturing is now implemented. Basic support for GLSL shaders is also included via the ProgramShader and ShaderProgram X3D nodes. Some new nodes have been added to libheilanextras, and a number of minor bugs have been fixed.

          •  25 Jan 2007 15:13

            Release Notes: Support for the USE keyword was added. The ability to record and play back OSC events was added. The offline rendering capability was fixed. The Background, CoordinateInterpolator, and NormalInterpolator nodes are now fully implemented. Some new node types have been added to libheilanextras. OSC support has been slightly upgraded. A couple of small bugs have been fixed.


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