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HaveFnuBB is bulletin board software with the goals of being fast, light, and fun. Its strength resides in the modules that you can add to extend its functionality.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Apr 2011 21:02

    Release Notes: This release comes with many performance improvements and better independency in modules, so you can re-use them easily in your own applications. It is now based on Jelix 1.2 and includes its new installation wizard and installation system. Some new modules and themes were included.

    •  03 Mar 2010 08:40

      Release Notes: This release introduces some new features for members and administrators of a forum. The rendering of the internal messaging and the installation process were improved. Countries can now be specified by their ISO code. RSS feeds are now available all around the forum. Members can now subscribe and unsubscribe to a thread and manage the subscriptions list from their profile page. Forum administrators can hide posts. The API has changed to follow all this new work.

      •  24 Dec 2009 10:58

        Release Notes: A lot of new features were added, like censuring of messages with the "new message" flag present on the subject or thread. Moderators are now informed of threads that have not been read. A tool for migration from Phorum to HaveFnuBB was added. The forum API was fixed, with many more methods. The search engine was fixed to handle the French language. Forum administration was fixed to allow moving from one category to another. Many other fixes were made.

        •  20 Nov 2009 09:12

          Release Notes: Jelix framework 1.1.4 was integrated. The "Hook" system was implemented to let you extend your forum as you want. The theme manager lets you choose a skin in one click. The rendering of the module list used inside of HaveFnuBB was improved. Display of the rules was improved. A new feature to manage the menu in the navbar was added.

          •  05 Sep 2009 17:01

            Release Notes: A quick search feature was added to find a post inside of the fourm. A CSS framework named 960gs was integrated. A Gravatar plugin was added to display one's own gravatar if the member wishes. A Social Network plugin was added to display icons of the most famous social networks and link the thread of the forum easily.


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