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Hasciicam makes it possible to have live ASCII video on the Web. It captures video from a TV card and renders it into ASCII, formatting the output into an HTML page with a refresh tag or in a live ASCII window or in a simple text file as well, giving anyone that has a bttv card, a Linux box, and a cheap modem line the ability to show a live asciivideo feed that can be browsable without any need for a plugin, Java, etc.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Mar 2011 12:39

    Release Notes: This release fixes correct parsing of AA-Lib options so that they can be changed from the command line.

    •  03 Mar 2011 20:12

      Release Notes: This release adds support for even more Webcams (V4L2) and provides Debian binary packages.

      •  25 Jul 2006 16:37

        Release Notes: More Webcams are supported (grabbing YUV420P).

        •  25 Jul 2003 18:20

          Release Notes: An important fix to grab code is included, resulting in support for most of the 2.4 Linux kernel drivers: grayscale is now taken from YUV422 luminance instead of RGB sampling, which should also improve performance on slower machines. The FTP code has been reimplemented with ftplib, and passive mode connection is supported to stream from behind firewalls. The code has been cleaned up a bit and aalib options directly exposed from the command line.

          •  16 Jul 2001 23:22

            Release Notes: Better software greyscale downsampling code, fixes in jpegdump and FTP code, contributed support for SGI Irix, and code cleanups.

            Recent comments

            20 Nov 2002 18:23 joelaff

            Apache Module
            How about making an apache module that converts all
            images to ASCII art for viweing in lynx, etc... ?

            This would be a very cool module indeed. It could be
            configured to only server up the ASCI art to browsers that
            could use it (or in the ALT tage text).

            14 Jun 2001 19:36 sciedou

            subject? prcd..
            hey jaromil ti serve un mirror per caso ? :)

            31 Jan 2001 07:23 jaromil

            Re: Is anyone using this?

            > Sorry, the homepage is missing some
            > links
            > to sites which actually run the
            > software.

            uhm... shouldn't i say that? :)
            i did'nt received any url from users to publish on the webpage, who wants to be the first?

            31 Jan 2001 03:48 stesch

            Is anyone using this?
            Sorry, the homepage is missing some links
            to sites which actually run the software.

            31 Jan 2001 03:46 fleece

            wish i could stay up all night playing with this one, but alas, i can't get by on caffeine alone tomorrow. well, i guess i could =)

            anyone have any links to cams that're up and running?



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