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HamExam is a short Perl script that generates self scoring DHTML practice tests as a study aid to prepare for the US Amateur radio licensing exam. These practice tests are generated from a random subset of questions from a master question pool. Your score is calculated and your grade reported using client side JavaScript. Wrong questions are highlighted. It strives to be simple to use and very easy to install.It should run well under Apache's mod_perl and can be used on the command line as well. The input files use a simple XML format, so any exam that follows the same multiple choice format subdividing question into into categories ("subelements" in amateur radio parlance) should be trivially adaptable.


Recent releases

  •  28 Feb 2008 05:44

    Release Notes: A Canada basic exam was added.

    •  19 Jan 2008 23:24

      Release Notes: Support was added for the latest (2008) question pool for the "Extra" class exam. A total rewrite was done to better support images associated with each question and to better select random samples from within each sub-element. Some CSS enhancements were made.

      •  10 Sep 2007 18:10

        Release Notes: XML input files are supplied for all three exam types (Technician, General, and Extra).


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