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HailDB is a relational database in shared library form that can be embedded into applications. It is not a SQL database, although you can use this library as the storage backend for a SQL database. It features a clean and simple API and is a continuation of the Embedded InnoDB project. With the addition of the HailDB plugin to Drizzle, you get a full SQL interface.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Jan 2011 02:06

    Release Notes: Doxygen is used to generate API documentation. An API for forcing table statistics update is now available. An Index Statistics API is available. Various bugs were fixed.

    •  27 Oct 2010 14:41

      Release Notes: Symbol conflicts with Innodb were resolved.

      •  07 Oct 2010 13:47

        Release Notes: This version was released to align chronologically with the next Drizzle milestone. The Drizzle HailDB plugin for that release will require this version of HailDB. This is a developer release. When hitting a constraint violation (duplicate key), HailDB returns which key was violated for more sensible error messages. HailDB provides an API for table statistics. HailDB is now properly registered to use trx_is_interrupted, which determines if the currently running transaction has been interrupted. Code from Innodb 1.0.7 as included in MySQL 5.1.46 was merged.

        •  29 Sep 2010 16:05

          Release Notes: dict_table_check_for_dup_indexes() was removed. It is now unneeded as there is a check in api/ for this, so embedded_innodb never had this problem. file_io_threads is deprecated but still exists. A warning is issued if a user attempts to set it. rpmlint errors were fixed. A problem with IMPORT TABLESPACE and compressed tables was fixed.

          •  21 Sep 2010 21:09

            Release Notes: The release was delayed slightly to resolve last-minute build issues. ib_status_get_all has been added; it is like ib_cfg_get_all (which gets a list of all configuration names available to get/set), but for status variables. pandora-build has been updated to 0.141. UNIV_STATIC, which is no longer used in the innodb plugin either, has been removed. WITH_ZIP has been removed.


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