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GXMame is a frontend for XMame which uses the GTK library to provide the same GUI as mame32. It can control xmame with almost all options.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Dec 2003 18:36

    Release Notes: This version can use the GTK2 libraries. The columns layout is editable and sortable. There is a new tree view (clone games can be folded under the original one), a button to suppress a specific game option, two new translations (Simplified Chinese and Greek (not complete)), and many fixes for bugs and memory leaks.

    •  13 Jun 2003 18:39

      Release Notes: BIOS option support, UGCI(tm) coin/play option support, and a Traditional Chinese translation have been added. Compilation for non-gcc and non-Linux systems has been fixed.

      •  25 Mar 2003 15:29

        Release Notes: Some options were changed to work with Xmame-0.66.x, but backward compatibility was kept, so you shouldn't have problems with older version of xmame. A skip disclaimer and gameinfo options were added. Support for different keyboard layouts was added. Support for the catver.ini file from was added. Unzipped icons now work. Other bug fixes and code cleanups were also done.

        •  09 Jan 2003 12:34

          Release Notes: In this release new options of xmame-0.62prX were added, icons support (zipped and non zipped) was added, a new view (indented view) was added, the user can now set additional options string, the user can now changes to color of the clones games, the user can now changes the font of the folders and game list, an option for Netmame 0.6 rc1 was added, the directory options were reorganised into several tabs, some icons were changed, and there were bug fixes and code cleanups.

          •  25 Nov 2002 00:35

            Release Notes: This release supports the new options of xmame 0.61.1. It has support for multiple executables support and zipped screenshots. Joystick support has been improved (faster navigation with left and right) and selection is disabled when some dialog boxes are open. Warning messages have been added. There is a menu to record and play back games, some options layout reorganization, a Polish translation, a Debian directory to build .deb, HTML documentation, and a lot of bugfixes

            Recent comments

            11 Oct 2003 06:47 stevemisel

            Hotrod options changed in xmame 0.74.1
            I upgraded to xmame 0.74.1 and found the Hotrod joystick options had changed:

            Release 0.74.1, 15 September 2003

            * Added support for controllor setup via "-ctrlr". Note that "-hotrod" and "-hotrodse" have been replaced by "-ctrlr HotRod" and "-ctlrlr HotRodSE".

            xmame would fail to start because it was given a -nohotrod / -nohotrodse (if enabled -hotrod / -hotrodse).

            I made a quick patch to src/options.c to get around this. I'm sure there's a more elegant approach, but my patch will work in the meantime.

            I'm providing a patched options.c as well as the diff for use with patch on my website:


            Note: This patch/replacement options.c is for gxmame-0.33 only.


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