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Gwyddion is a modular SPM (Scanning Probe Microsope) data visualization and analysis tool. It can be used for all most frequently used data processing operations including: leveling, false color plotting, shading, filtering, denoising, data editing, integral transforms, grain analysis, profile extraction, fractal analysis, and many more. The program is primarily focused on SPM data analysis (e.g. data obtained from AFM, STM, NSOM, and similar microscopes). However, it can also be used for analyzing SEM (scaning electron microscopy) data or any other 2D data.

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Recent releases

  •  02 Apr 2014 13:31

    Release Notes: Three new data synthesis modules were added: columnar film growth, waves, and hybrid non-equilibrium Ising model. A module for the calculation of Euclidean distance transform of masks was added. Moment-related grain quantities was added. Various improvements were made in MetroPro, Omicron, Zeiss, PSIE, Affine correction, and the Read Value tool.

    •  02 Mar 2014 13:41

      Release Notes: Many data modification operations are recorded for each channel and volume data object. Two new file modules were added (OME TIFF and Accurex II TXT), and one data processing module (Rank transform presentation). Import of NT-MDT hybrid mode, HDR images, APE, NanoScanTech, RHK SM4, Igor Pro, and Nanoscan files was improved.

      •  15 Dec 2013 19:36

        Release Notes: Two new data processing modules were added: Affine distortion correction and Otsu's thresholding. A number of file modules were updated or improved, namely NT-MDT, S94, Seiko, WSF, OLS, LEXT and NetCDF. Bugs in Graph cut and Volume show and extract were fixed. The Pygwy console is persistent and can exist only in one instance now. The toolbox was slightly rationalized.

        •  17 Oct 2013 17:02

          Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release, fixing a crash in "Volume show and extract" and several other bugs. A new file import module for Zemax grid sag data was added. Blind tip estimation can calculate the evolution of the tip, and its speed was improved. Dimensions and Units can set the pixel size to match exactly another image. Import support for TIA SER, IGOR, and EZD was improved.

          •  08 Sep 2013 11:17

            Release Notes: The main change is support for volume data. Several modules for extraction of lower-dimensional data from volume data and creation of volume data were added. File modules already supporting loading of volume data include Nanoscope, NanoScanTech, old MDA, and NT-MDT Raman images. New file import modules for Tescan MIRA and S49 were added.


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