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Gwenview is a fast and easy to use image viewer/browser for KDE. All common image formats are supported. Standard features include slideshow, full screen view, image thumbnails, drag'n'drop, image zoom, and full network transparency using the KIO framework. It also provides image and directory KParts components for use in applications such as Konqueror. Additional features are provided by the KIPI image framework.


Recent releases

  •  18 Sep 2007 06:38

    Release Notes: Settings in the dialog to edit the thumbnail view details are now directly applied. OSD can now display more image information. A few bugs have been fixed.

    •  27 Nov 2006 00:59

      Release Notes: JPEG rotated images are now shown using the correct rotation directly, instead of loading them first and rotating them afterwards. Quite a few other bugs have been fixed.

      •  18 Sep 2006 00:00

        Release Notes: SVG and video support have been added. The toolbars have been reworked: only the most important items are in the main toolbar. A filter bar has been added to the file view. The file view from the folder KPart now features the same toolbar as in the application. Startup times and memory usage have been reduced. When available, Gwenview now uses the shooting date instead of the file date. Zoom has been improved: you can now zoom to width or height, and a zoom combo box has been added to the application and KPart toolbars. Bugs have been fixed.

        •  23 Aug 2006 20:49

          Release Notes: The delete dialog has been reworked to be more usable. It's now possible to define whether Gwenview should remember the last URL and the filter state when it is restarted. In fullscreen mode, a "Location:" text would sometimes appear above the full screen toolbar. Sometimes the Orientation tag was not reset after rotating JPEG images.

          •  14 Jul 2006 22:36

            Release Notes: When available, this release uses the shooting date instead of the file date. File renaming has been fixed; it was broken in 1.3.91. Some focus bugs have been fixed. The speed of lossless rotations has been improved.

            Recent comments

            11 Jan 2004 15:05 ebeb

            very nice 8)))


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