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GWCC allows users to execute network utilities (ping, nslookup, traceroute), workstation commands (netstat, df, lpr), and do cool things like process grep from a single tabbed window. Command flags are highly configurable, results windows are savable and printable, and there is a System Stats tab showing you process info, current users, Apache server status, Samba status, and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Jan 2002 02:51

    Release Notes: Support for Sequential File Save and preference for changing toolbar between Text&Icon, TextOnly, and IconOnly, changing the "Network Interface" button to "Show Active Connections", error dialog feedback for Save/Save As & Print operations when saving nothing or printing nothing, a bugfix for the grep string being garbage if "ps -efH" preference is not choosen, and changing "configure" to "./configure".

    •  04 Dec 2001 05:26

      Release Notes: i18n international language support was added. stderr messages for all commands in Network Utils tab are now captured. The `dig` command was added to the Network Utils tab. A flag for `grep -i` was added in Preferences dialog (long overdue case insensitive grepping). The "Display Users" button on the Workstation Utils tab was changed to "Display User Stats", and `w` is now used instead of `users`. Problems in the Preferences dialog where the Network Utils tab GtkSpinButton widgets did not allow decimal values in spinbuttons, and with bad text alignments in the `nslookup` option box were fixed.

      •  30 Aug 2001 08:48

        Release Notes: Squashed 0.9.5 bug that kept toolbar buttons from reactivating when switching from Sys Stats Tab to Network or Grep Tabs. Improved user interface in Process Control Tab (show proc id selected, cleanup widgets). Added the 'host' command to the Network Utils Tab. Changed gtk_label "ps | grep" on Grep Tab to match actual prefs settings. Disabled OK button and right-click popup menu when INIT selected in Process Control Tab. Added Progress Bar for Stopped Processes on System Stats Tab. Added greyed out text for Apache, Samba, and Sendmail status if "Not Running".

        •  21 Jun 2001 03:00

          Release Notes: A redesigned System Stats Tab, a new standard GNOME File Selection Dialog for "Save As...", a new standard GNOME Font Selection widget in the Preferences Dialog, pressing return in the Networks Tab entry widget executes the command, enabling right-click to send signals in Process Control CList via small menu, disabling buttons that will not work on given tabs, 79-character-long dividers in Tabs, a new GnomeEntry for network textbox so it remembers input (IPs, hostnames, etc.), changing Mem Used (kb) column in Process Tab CList to %MEM, and a fix for a bug in the Ping command where flags were not being used correctly.

          •  03 May 2001 17:31

            Release Notes: A brand new tab for process control was added. This is basically a top-like CList widget showing all system processes complete with a button to send common signals to processes. Two new items were added to the System Stats tab: Hardware Info (machine type, cpu, MHz) and Kernel Info (kernel version). Sorting capabilities were added to the Users CList widget in the System Stats tab. Extraneous spaces were removed from the "User" column in the Users CList. A good amount of code cleanup was done. More RPM fixes were made. The gwcc-0.9.4-1.i386.rpm works properly on RH7.1

            Recent comments

            22 Jan 2002 23:08 sfbrent

            Re: some insecurities...


            Yes, you are correct about the print method being
            a vulnerability, it is also not thread-safe. This
            and other misc issues should be cleaned up in the
            1.0 release (and people ask me why it's not 1.0
            yet.. :-)

            Thanks for taking the time to report this issue -
            i will open a bug # on the GWCC


            22 Jan 2002 01:24 v9

            some insecurities...
            there are many potential buffer overflows in this
            program, in almost every function that takes
            input. while those do not really matter, since its
            for a "workstation" and not set*id anything.
            there is the way it attempts to print data(locally
            via lpr/etc):
            strcat(print_command, " /tmp/gwcc_out.txt");
            if (system(print_command) == -1) {
            which gets directed to that (static) file, with no
            checking. meaning any user could forge(link) that
            filename and make it redirect the input elsewhere
            -- potentially compromising other users.

            other than that, pretty gtk gui, looks nice with
            my theme :)

            20 Jun 2001 21:13 sfbrent

            Re: Wish: make available in non-rpm source?
            Hi, you must have beat the sourceforge mirror by
            mere minutes! The tar.gz file is available as of
            now... Thanks!

            20 Jun 2001 20:48 fireeyes

            Wish: make available in non-rpm source?
            I belive I would not be alone stating that it would be handy to have a non-rpm source, say a tar.gz and a tar.bz2 sourceballs. Thanks!


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