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Gnome Wave Cleaner

GWC is an application to do digital audio restoration on wavfile data, i.e. remove hisses and clicks. It features click repair using least squares autoregressive interpolation, and is based on the FFTW library. This is still beta code, so back up your data files first.

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Recent releases

  •  15 Jan 2007 08:06

    Release Notes: Zooming in on a selection of only 1 sample gives a 2 second zoom. A feature to expand a selection to markers was added. A rectangular window is used on all pre-sampling. A bug in which opening a new audio file would corrupt the previously opened audio file's *.gwc was fixed. CDTEXT output for cdrdao was improved. A big bug in the Lorber-Hoeldrich algorithms was fixed.

    •  06 Jun 2005 18:32

      Release Notes: This release adds IIR high/low/band/notch filtering, FFT click detection, the ability to generate pink/white noise (useful if you don't have a good noise sample for denoising), IIR low-pass filtering, and left/right mixing functions to amplify. There are many bugfixes.

      •  27 Sep 2003 08:27

        Release Notes: The FFTW 3.x libs are now supported. An online help system was added, a progress meter is displayed during encoding, and a crash problem with "declick until end of file" was fixed.

        •  26 Apr 2003 05:30

          Release Notes: Some configuration problems were fixed along with a problem with the "Detect only" checkbox, which would toggle on/off every time you hit the spacebar after checking it. Click detection speed was enhanced, and cdrdao.toc is printed. The Hanning-overlap-add windowing method was added for denoising, which seems better than the Lorber-Hoeldrich denoising method and is significantly faster. A bug in the Lorber-Hoeldrich was also fixed. The configure script now checks for the correct version of libsndfile, and gwc includes an MP3 output option.

          •  24 Aug 2002 00:34

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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