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GvTags is a lightweight yet powerful tag library and template engine for the dynamic programming language Groovy. The tag library can be used to generate Web pages with powerful tag support. It can be used with the template servlet of GvTags (TagTemplateServlet) or with JavaServer Pages (JSP). The template engine can be used to generate any kind of text documents. Since it is written in Groovy and compiled to a Java class file, it can be used from Groovy as well as from Java.

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Recent releases

  •  18 Feb 2008 01:11

    Release Notes: This release is based on Groovy 1.5, and the embedded Web server has been upgraded to Jetty 6.1. A new tag has been implemented: the page tag to define character encoding and content type. Logging has switched to Apache commons logging with log4j instead of JDK logging.

    •  16 Jul 2006 23:51

      Release Notes: GvTags now has a command line script to start GvTags. It contains an ant task to include the TagTemplateEngine in ant scripts. An HTTP server based on jetty is embedded. You can download an all-in-one distribution, which contains everything to run GvTags. Migration to Groovy 1.0 JSR 06, performance improvements, and the case tag now uses the isCase() method.

      •  02 Apr 2006 08:38

        Release Notes: GvTags has been updated to Groovy Release 1.0 JSR-05. The GString handling has been refined. It now contains unit tests for all test pages. Significant performance improvements were achieved, and performance was roughly doubled. The template engine can now be invoked from the command line. It supports interpreted and compiled mode.

        •  27 Nov 2005 21:42

          Release Notes: This release brings GvTags up to date with Groovy JSR04.

          •  17 Nov 2005 22:34

            Release Notes: GvTags now has a TemplateEngine with Tag support. It can be used to process text documents by the TagTemplateEngine, or it can replace a JSP with the TagTemplateServlet.


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