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GVidChanger-minimal (gvidm) is a GTK app to quickly and easily change video resolutions in X. Running it will pop up a list of available modes; upon choosing a mode or cancelling, it exits. If you are running dual or multi-head displays, it will give you a list of screens so you can select the appropriate one. You can also specify on the command line a mode to switch to immediately, or a list of modes to choose from.


Recent releases

  •  14 Nov 2004 08:59

    Release Notes: This release adds support for GTK 2.0, fixes the build when xf86Parser.h isn't present, and fixes showing incorrect refresh rates for interlaced modes.

    •  24 Jun 2004 14:48

      Release Notes: When multiple screens are used, the top level screen selection menu isn't shown unless it's really needed. If a mode specification doesn't include a screen number, it uses the current screen rather than screen 0. The "cur" keyword was added for screen specification.

      •  16 Mar 2004 01:31

        Release Notes: This release adds XRandR support. It improves handling of multiple modes of the same resolution but differing refresh rates.

        •  18 Nov 2003 23:48

          Release Notes: This release adds "all" and "max" keywords for commandline mode specification, a -l/--list option to show available modes, a -q/--query option to show current modes, and display of the refresh rate and mode flags in a popup.

          •  10 Sep 2003 04:38

            Release Notes: This version allows specification of vid mode(s) on the command line, and prints error message on failure to open display. It disables GTK menu accelerator setting, adds "uline" accelerators to menu items, "make install" creates directories if needed, and installs the manpage too, only uses -Wall and -MM (dependencies) if using a GNU compiler.


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